WEEK 16: Day 2

Thurs (2/25):

At Home workout again today!!! I would HIGHLY recommend downloading a HIIT Timer app, so that you have something counting the 20secs on/10secs off + the 8 rounds of work!!!


2 Minutes of high knees

2 Minutes of jogging in place

5-8 each side Side Lunges

5-8 each side Down Dog to Runner's Lunge & Twist

Main Set:

Complete 8 Rounds of 20 seconds of all out work for ONE movement at a time, followed immediately by 10 seconds of rest for each of the following, so complete 8 rounds of High Weight Sit ups, before moving to T2T Side-ups:

High Weighted Sit-ups 15/20 (if you don't have a weight, use a gallon milk; laundry detergent bottle, get creative, small dog...I would not recommend cats!!!)

T2T Side-ups R With the 10 Seconds rest at the top, HOLD IT THERE!!!

T2T Side-ups L With the 10 Seconds rest at the top

Medicine Ball Russian Twists 15/20 DB (if know med ball, use DB, if no DB, refere to reco's above)

KB Swings 25/35 (can use DB or gallon milk, etc!)

Cool Down: YOGA

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