Week 6: Day 2

Thursday (12/17):

Warm Up:

While one partner completes a 200 m row, the other completes the movement. Then they switch. Limit rest during the switch and between different exercises. Each couplet is performed 2 times, so each team member rows 3 times per couplet. Couplet are as follows:

Wall Sit

Plank (High or Low)

Bicycle Crunches

Glute Bridges

Main Set:

Focus on Push Press & Dead Lifts – GOAL is to continue to drive power from our legs, with the addition of Push Press @ 75% of 5rep max of your OH Press #s and 75% of 5 rep max on Dead Lifts.

Push Press: (use OH Press 5 rep max #) 3 x 8 @ 75% of 5rep max Rest 1-3 mins in-between

Dead Lifts: 3 x 8 @ 75% of 5rep max Rest 1-3 mins in-between

Cool Down: 10mins of YOGA

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